Kulinary Mille is the most exclusive and thrilling exotic automotive rally and luxurious kulinary experience to set foot on US soil. Paving the way as the only premiere boutique exotic and supercar rally, Kulinary Mille caters specifically to the true high-end exotic automotive enthusiasts. Participants will be traveling from all corners of the country to take part in this exhilarating open-road automotive endurance rally experience. Setting itself apart from any other automotive rallies, Kulinary Mille is not only a limited, exclusive and thrilling exotic car rally through the best roads and landscapes of California; it is the only rally that has been specifically designed around the most epic custom gastronomic experiences and elegant festivities in order to create the most enjoyable automotive lifestyle event the industry has ever seen.

Kulinary Mille is the most memorable experience of your life!

serious food . serious roads . serious khaos
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